Melbet India – General terms and conditions

  1. Melbet India is owned by Alenesro Ltd (registration number HE 399995) with a registered office located at Nikou Pattichi 108, office 201, 3070 Limassol, Cyprus as a Billing Agent. Melbet India is operated by Pelican Entertainment B.V. with a registered office located at Perseusweg 27A, Curaсao as Holder of License No. 8048/JAZ2020-060.
  1. The bookmaker accepts bets on sports events and other events taking place in other countries. Acceptance of bets and payment of winnings are carried out upon presentation of the document by the gambling participant (user) confirming his/her identity (ID card, passport, passport, or ID card).
  1. The bookmaker accepts bets from persons who are 18 years of age, and who agree to the terms and conditions offered by the Betting Office and the rules of accepting bets. The bookmaker has the right to void bets placed in violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Rules for Accepting Bets, and the Rules for Paying Winnings. The bookmaker is not liable for when it became aware of it, or it was later determined that the bets were placed in violation of the rules.
  1. In case of multiple registrations on MelBet website (one is allowed to create only one betting account per one IP address, one family, one e-mail address, one payment method, one credit/debit card number, one e-wallet, one electronic means of payment; it is forbidden for the persons who are connected to other users in any other way to register) the Security Service has the right to block the gaming accounts of such users for the period up to 2 months and to cancel all bets won from this betting account.
  1. The terms of accepting bets (odds, handicaps, totals, limits for maximum bets, etc.) may change after placing each bet, while the terms of previous bets remain unchanged. Before submitting the betting conditions, the user should inform himself about all changes in the current line.
  1. The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to accept bets from a person without giving any reason.
  1. In case of errors made by the bookmaker’s staff when accepting bets (obvious typographical errors in the offered list of events, the mismatch of odds, etc.) at the deviation from the present GTCs when accepting bets, and also at the other arguments confirming the incorrectness of bets, MelBet bookmaker reserves the right to declare such bets invalid under these terms and conditions. Such bets will be settled at odds “1”. 
  1. In case of the emergence of suspicion of a contractual game, the betting office reserves the right to block bets on such sports events until the final finding of the international organization, and to declare such bets invalid if the contractual game has been proven. Such bets shall be settled at odds “1”. The betting office is not obliged to provide the bettors with proof and conclusions.
  1. If an obvious mistake has been made in our odds, then such a bet will be settled according to the final result according to the current odds corresponding to this bet.
  1. Each bet placed by a user and his/her consent to bet with the bookmaker confirms that he/she agrees to these Terms of Use of the bookmaker and has familiarized himself/herself with these rules. 
  1. Only the event results announced by the bookmaker shall be taken into account for the purpose of calculating bets and determining winnings. All claims regarding the event results will be handled only with the official documents from the relevant sports federations. The results published by other betting offices are not official sources of information for our betting office.
  1. When crediting the winnings, the user is obliged to check the credited winnings for their correctness and in case of disagreement with the credited winnings, to inform the betting office about it by specifying in the request his/her game account number, date, time, event, wager, chosen outcome of the event, odds and also the reasons for disagreement with the credited winnings. 
  1. All claims regarding the winnings will be accepted within 10 (ten) days. The claims to the evaluation of betting slip for cyber live games (except eSports will be accepted within 72 hours after the end of the game.
  1. In case the customer commits fraud in the betting office (multiple registrations, software used for automation of betting, arbitrage betting, and if the betting account is not used for placing bets, in case of abuse of loyalty programs, etc.), the betting office reserves the right to prevent such rip-offs as follows:
  • by cancelling the bet;
  • by closing the betting account with the repayment of the funds deposited by the user to the account;
  • by calling the law enforcement body for the fraudulent actions of such users.
  1. The Security Service may conduct verification of a user’s gaming account by means of video conferencing. In order to verify a user’s account, the Security Service may request from the user all necessary documents to confirm his/her identity and to replenish his/her betting account.
  1. The Betting House reserves the right to block a User’s gaming account and cancel all bets placed on this account if it is confirmed that:
  • the user had the information of the game result at the time of placing the bet;
  • the user had the possibility to influence the event result by being a direct participant of the match (sportsman, referee, coach, etc.) or if he acts from the order of the enumerated persons;
  • the bets were placed by a group of users (syndicate participants) acting unanimously with the aim of exceeding the limits set by the betting office;
  • a user owns several gaming accounts (multiple registrations);
  • the user uses special software or technical means that allow automation of the process of placing bets;
  • the User uses dishonest means for information creation or circumvention of the restrictions set by the Betting Office.
  1. The remaining balance of the User in the situations described above is subject to return after the concluded negotiation. The amount of the remaining balance shall be determined without taking into account the funds received dishonestly. The Bookmaker reserves the right not to compensate the User’s losses in the payment system commissions when depositing and/or withdrawing funds to (from) the Bookmaker’s gaming account.
  1. In case of any doubt about the User’s personality or about the correctness of the given data (address, credit and debit card, other data) at the Bookmaker’s security service, the security service has the right to request from the User all documents at the Bookmaker’s discretion confirming his/her personality and other data forwarded by him/her, and also to cancel all payments until all data are verified. The Bookmaker is entitled to request the documents to be sent by mail. Data verification may take up to 72 hours from the time of data receipt. If it is confirmed that the received data is not credible, the Bookmaker has the right to cancel all bets for an indefinite period of time, cancel all money settlements, and request other documents necessary for reliable verification of the account.
  1. The betting office is not responsible for and does not accept any claims regarding the accuracy of the translation of team names, player names, and competition venues from foreign languages. All information given in the name of the tournament is of an introductory nature. Possible errors in this information are not a basis for refunding bets.  
  1. The bookmaker reserves the right to update the text of the Rules and add new Rules at any time. However, new rules or a new version of the rules come into force and are applied immediately after their publication on the website. 
  1. MELbet is not liable for any damage caused by the use of this website or its content. The Rule applies equally to the use or misuse of the content of the Website by any person, inability to connect to or use the Website, delays in use or data transmission, malfunctions in the communication lines, errors, typos, or omissions in the content of the Website. 
  1. The Game Account Owner acknowledges/agrees that all activities performed in the Game Account are done by him/her. If third parties commit the actions in the User’s Game Account, the Game Account owner himself/herself shall be responsible for accessing his/her Game Account.
  1. You can fund your account with funds via all available payment systems and withdraw funds from the game account described in the “Payments” section on the website. All withdrawal requests are processed 24/7.
  1. For the withdrawal of winnings the same payment method shall be applied as the one used for the deposit. If the gaming account was deposited using different deposit systems, then the withdrawal of funds must be proportional to the deposit amount.
  1. The employees of the betting office can check the correspondence of the user’s name, date of birth and other data. If there is a difference between the actual data and the data provided by the User, MELBet reserves the right to refund all bets placed by the User and to refuse to pay out the User’s winnings until the User proves the identity and correctness of the data entered.
  1. When requesting a cash withdrawal for the first time, the User must enter the correct passport details exactly as they appear on the ID card in the language of the country of issue.
  1. The security service of the betting office reserves the right:
  • refuse withdrawals at the betting office if the account has been replenished only by electronic means;
  • to refuse withdrawal requests if the amount of account replenishment or account withdrawal does not correspond to the placed bet amount (it is necessary to wager the whole amount of account replenishment at odds not less than 1.10; multiple bets in games with the minimum balance loss are not taken into account, i.e. bets on opposite outcomes in such games as Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and Dice). 
  1. The criterion for the payout of funds is the stake of the placed bets within the limits of each made deposit.
  1. If the deposits to the gaming account were made for any purpose other than betting, the Betting House reserves the right (especially in case of suspicion of fraudulent money transfer) to cancel any deposit and to reimburse the User for all costs incurred in processing his/her deposit.
  1. A registered user may not register again as a new user (with a new name, e-mail address, etc.). In case of repeated registration (even with a new name) or if foreign, invalid, falsified documents were provided (even if they were changed with the help of various programs and graphic editors), the Administration of the Betting House reserves the right to declare invalid the bets placed from such an account. 
  1. In case the User has refused verification, the Administration of the Betting House reserves the right to declare the bets invalid. Also, the administration of the betting office may block such an account (a repeatedly registered one) for the period of verification (up to 2 months). 
  1. Melbet bookmaker reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal requests by payment systems or cash and to offer the withdrawal by bank transfer.

ATTENTION! The bookmaker’s administration does not recommend you deposit your gaming account through the e-wallets of another person. MelBet administration reserves the right to return the funds to the owners of the e-wallets without prior notification.

  1. In special cases for some user gaming accounts, the commission compensation may be canceled, which is determined by the payment systems during deposits and withdrawals and usually paid by the MelBet betting office.
  1. For the bitcoin accounts, no commission is provided for deposits and withdrawals by bitcoin.