Esports betting on Melbet

ESports nowadays became a great part of the betting industry. It is a currently developing type of sport, which started its history not that long ago. The amount of computer games is really huge and more and more new teams are blowing up. So let’s find out what are they and what are the advantages of betting on ESports!

ESports, also known as Cybersport is an official and international type of sport. The gaming industry is currently developing fast, and according to that, there are more and more new online competitive games. Also, due to the development of the Internet, gaming became online and worldwide.

The history of ESports is not that long, but it developed really fast and became one of the biggest and most popular events in the world. Firstly, gamers started to play local championships with their friends and neighbors. Then, when ESports became more popular, people started to manage some tournaments in towns and cities. When the companies understood, that the ESports tournaments can become great and massive events all over the world, they started to make official Cybersport championships. And now, those championships became one of the most popular in the world.

Millions of people are watching online broadcasts of the biggest tournaments in the world. Most popular competitive games, such as “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, “Dota 2”, “League of Legends” and “Fortnite” now became one of the ways to build a Cybersportsmen career. People are buying tickets and donating money for those championships so the prize pools are becoming bigger and bigger every time.

Esports tournaments are usually held in a special format. ESports teams from all over the world first need to pass the qualifying round. Then they are going to play with each other due to the tournament grid. And then the final round will be held offline on the stage. The two greatest teams will meet each other to find out who is the winner.

Betting on ESports

What events are available for betting on esports on the Melbet website

When Cybersport became global worldwide with good investments and high prize pools, good betting opportunities also came. Betting exchanges started to create ESports betting options and people started to bet. Some championships are held yearly and here is a table of future tournaments.

Elisa Master Espoo 2022November 16-20The official ESL tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The winner will earn the opportunity to play on the IEM Katowice 2023
DreamHack Winter 2022November 24-27DreamHack is one of the most popular tournaments in the world. Various disciplines are presented. Such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, and others.
CS:GO BLAST Premier: World Finals 2022 December 14-18One of the biggest events in the world dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The greatest 8 teams are going to meet each other in Abu Dhabi to win the World Champion title.
Hearthstone 2022 World ChampionshipDecember 16-19 16 players from all over the world are going to meet each other in the biggest Hearthstone tournament to find out who is the World Champion. 

These were some of the biggest upcoming ESports events. There are many of them, so you will be able to choose the most interesting for you!

How to place bets on ESports on Melbet?

How Indian users can bet on esports on Melbet

Melbet is a perfect variant for ESports betting for money. Melbet is one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world and ESports betting online is also available. In addition to that, Melbet provides customers with high-quality service and mobility.

To place bets on Melbet you will need to complete a few steps. The first one is to register an account and verify it. Then you will need to make your first deposit. If you want to place bets on ESports championships you should visit the appropriate section on the website. Then you will need to choose the preferable discipline and tournament. And after that, you will need to select your favorite team, select the amount of bet and click the “Gamble” button.

There are also two categories of ESports. The first one is ESports matches where real people are playing. And the second one is Virtual Games, such as eFootball, eHockey, and others. These matches are modeled by AI and bots are playing.

Types of bets on ESports on Melbet

Kinds of bets available to esports fans on Melbet's site

On Melbet are several types of ESports you can bet on. They are all different and here they are.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this game, two teams are playing. They have two sides – “Terrorists” and “Anti-Terrorists”. The aim is to destroy the other team or to defuse a bomb placed by “Terrorists”. After 30 rounds the winner will be defined. In this case, you will be able to bet on the match winner, round wins, total, and other primary outcomes.
  • Dota 2. In this game, there are two teams of five people. Each side has to destroy the enemy’s fortress. The game has different complicated features and strategies and requires high skill to play. In this type, users are allowed to bet on primary outcomes as well as on some special outcomes. They might be “Who will kill Roshan”, “Who will destroy a tower”, and others.
  • League of Legends. This game has a similar aim and structure as Dota 2. Two teams need to destroy each other’s buildings and Nexus – the main one. This game also has elements of strategy and requires a lot of skill to become a good player. This type also has primary outcomes and special outcomes such as who will spill the first blood, who will kill the Dragon, and others.
  • eFootball, eHockey, and eBasketball. These are computer simulators of FIFA, NHL, and NBA. In this type, you will be able to bet on AI-simulated matches and matches between real people

ESports verified teams in 2022

Teams sports teams verified in 2022 and available to bet on

There are many cybersport teams all over the world, and here are the greatest and the most-known ESports teams in the world.

FaZe ClanFaZe Clan is one of the biggest ESports organizations in the world. It was founded in 2010 and now has more than 80 members. It has high sponsorship and earned more than ₹800 Million in tournaments.
Team LiquidTeam Liquid was founded in the Netherlands in 2000. Since then it earned more than ₹3.2 Billion in different tournaments. And now it has more than 60 professional players.
Cloud9Cloud9 organization was founded in 2013 and it has been growing since then. Players of Cloud9 earned more than ₹880 Million in 800+ tournaments of CS:GO, Fortnite, Valorant, and others.
100 Thieves100 Thieves team was founded in 2017. It is a growing organization that has a dozen of professional players from all over the world. The team is also well-known because of its performance in League of Legends tournaments.
FnaticFnatic organization was founded in 2004 and gained popularity during different tournaments of Counter-Strike and Dota 2. Since the foundation players have earned more than ₹1.3 Billion in championships all over the world.
of G2 EsportsG2 is a European ESports organization, which was founded in 2015. They have top-tier players in CS:GO and League of Legends, who have earned more than ₹720 Million in more than 500 various championships.
Natus VincereNatus Vincere, also known as “NAVI” is a top-tier cybersports organization, that was founded in 2010 in Ukraine. The team was the first winner of “The International” Dota 2 championship. The organization has earned more than ₹1.4 Billion in different tournaments.
OGOG Team is a high-tier gaming organization, that was founded in 2015. In only 7 years players of OG have earned more than ₹2.8 Billion in 100+ tournaments. They are well-known because of their performance in disciplines such as Counter-Strike and Dota 2.

ESports betting odds in 2022

What odds for eSports betting Melbet offers to its clients

You will find three types of ESports betting odds. They are Decemall Odds, Fractional Odds, and American Odds. 

  • Decimal Odds are the most common type of odds. Coefficients such as 1.2, 3.5, and others show the multiplier. For example, if you bet ₹100 on a 2.0 coefficient, then you will receive ₹200 after winning.
  • Fractional Odds are usually popular in the UK, the numbers such as 3/1, 5/1, and 2/1 show the return of the odds. For example, if you bet ₹100 on 5/1 odd, you will get ₹500 after winning.
  • American Odds has “+” and “-” before the odd. These odds show favorites and underdogs. If you see the “-” sign before the odd and the number is 150, it means that to win ₹150 you will have to bet ₹100. On the other hand, if you see the “+” sign and the number is 250, it means that if you bet ₹100, then you will receive ₹250.

And here is a table of ESports betting odds in 2022.

Elisa Master EspooAstralis vs. Complexity2.0 vs. 1.72
Elisa Master EspooFnatic vs. Bad News Eagles1.65 vs. 2.1
ESL Swiss League Lostik vs. KarpetSquad1.35 vs. 2.95
ESL PremiershipViperio vs. 7AM1.3 vs. 3.0
Claro Gaming APU LeagueHokori vs. Lava1.65 vs. 2.1

ESports betting tips 2022

Tips and tricks for betting on esports on Melbet

ESports win betting strategies consist of different factors. The first one is to check teams member. And then you will need to check for some previous performances of the players. It will help you to find out the condition of each player on the team. Then it is recommended to watch some previous matches of the chosen team. You should do it to find out in what conditions the team is. You also should check the previous results of the opponent team. 

You can also check for the analysts’ reviews to find another opinion. Some of the teams’ members can make online streams. On these streams, they are usually playing the same game as the discipline. It will also help you to find out their conditions.

Melbet ESports betting app

How to bet on esports using Melbet mobile app

As one of the biggest and most well-known betting exchanges Melbet has its own mobile betting app. You will be able to install it on both platforms – IOS and Android. And Melbet ESports betting app in India is also available! To install it you should visit the official Melbet website and visit the “Mobile App” section. If you want to download it on an Android device there are two options. The first one is to install it directly from Play Market. And the second one is to install it using APK-File.

How to install

To do it, you will have to complete a few steps.


Step 1

The first one is to visit the official Melbet website and find a “Mobile App” section


Step 2

The second one is to choose an Android platform and download the APK-File of the app. Don’t worry, the official file is completely safe!


Step 3

If you receive a notification about downloading from third-party resources, you should accept it and continue.


Step 4

The last step is to install the application. You can do it from the APK-File, or via your notification panel.

To download the Melbet betting application on an IOS device, you will need to visit the official website and choose the IOS platform. After that, you will be redirected to the official App Store page of Melbet. Now you can install the application on your phone.
In Melbet ESports betting app real money can be earned. The wide variety of features and options for online betting can be found here. You can make deposits and withdrawals, place bets on your favorite ESports teams and check for the latest news!


Some of the questions are frequently asked, so here are the answers!

Is it legal to place bets on ESports in India?

Definitely yes! ESports betting in India is absolutely legal if you are the right age.

Is it safe to place bets on Melbet?

Yes, Melbet is a worldwide betting company, that has a special Curacao Gaming License. This license means that the betting exchange is completely safe and your money and account are under protection!

Can I bet not only on ESports on Melbet?

Yes, Melbet has a wide range of sports and events to bet on. Besides the ESports you will find Football, Cricket, Basketball, and other popular sports on Melbet!

Does Melbet have the Hindi language in the app?

Yes, Melbet offers a wide range of languages including Hindi!